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 ? Why don’t you make one in (fill in your favorite color here)

 Unlike paint, porcelain color formation can be difficult. Some colors like bright reds, yellows and oranges can contain EPA regulated materials tha

require special handling and won’t be made. Popular new colors that can be safely made will always be considered.

? What about different metal trim finishes, are others available

Other metal trim finishes will also be considered. Please inquire if you have a special request for a metal trim finish not currently offered

? Why are there so many control knobs? My old toaster just had one

We designed this toaster with the versatility of having a separate control knob for each heating element. If you want the same shade of toast on all

sides, just set all four controls to the same number and you’re done. No further adjustment is necessary.

? Why do each of the indicator lights go off at different times

Each indicator light is controlled by its respective control knob setting. When the time is up for each element the light goes off. After the last

remaining light goes off, the motor lifts the bread.

? Why is this toaster so heavy

A solid steel shell, double porcelain coating, thick gauge materials all add up to one heavy toaster.

? What if the copper or other metal finish becomes tarnished or discolored

If proper care has been given, and at our discretion, we determined a manufacturing defect has occurred we will replace the trim at no cost. If it’s

outside the 3 year warranty time or the protective coating has been scratched or damaged by accident or improper care, or if you simply want to have a

new look, we will replace the trim at a nominal charge.

                                                                                                     Product Specifications  



Dimensions: 6 ¼” wide 7 5/8” tall 12” deep

Shipping Carton Dimension: 8” wide 10” tall 14” deep

Product Weight: 11.4 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.

Voltage: 120 Volt US household current

Wattage: 975 Watts

Amperes: 8.5




                                                                                       Product Specifications are subject to change