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                                                                                                          Create Your Style



You select between bright copper, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, classic chrome, and polished brass. These trims complement the beautiful hardware

used to give homes, and especially kitchens, a finishing touch. The expertly plated finishes are on solid metal, no pretending with plastic, because we


went with authentic over imitation at every opportunity, that’s the mission behind Misson2Craft.


The outer shell colors also exemplify quality. Porcelain enamel has been regarded as one of the premier finishes for generations. The durability


and beauty is timeless. Look closely and you’ll notice that it has a depth and dimension that go beneath the surface. 


You can see examples of the beautiful combinations of porcelain enamel color and metal trim finishes on the best European kitchen ranges


available. We want to offer that experience for the counter top.


                                                                                                            Better Design




Each of the four sides should have its own controllable heating element,  sounds reasonable, but until now, that hasn’t been available.


Two slice toasters have just three heating elements. If you have four elements and four controls, you get exact results, and you can even save energy

by turning off 3 unused elements if desired!


The advancements include a powerful micro controller, high quality relays, custom heating elements, and a special transformer that delivers safe low


voltage to the control panel and motor.